Adelphi University


Adelphi is dedicated to expanding global awareness through education and communication. With
a special relationship with the UN and the International Leadership Coordinating Committee,
and study abroad programs, it’s an engaged university in the world community. Adelphi has an
overall student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1. Its diverse international student body comprises of
5,000 undergraduate and 2,600 graduate and doctoral students. Adelphi’s faculty includes
internationally renowned scientists, artists, critics and scholars.

Adelphi fosters in its students a passion for knowledge; an understanding and a questioning
of cultural values; and a view of themselves as self-governing, lifelong learners, and contributors
to knowledge and service in an ever-changing world.

Schools & Colleges of Adelphi University

Schools & Colleges
Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife
Architecture and Design
Business, Finance and Economics
Engineering & IT
Law, International Relations and Politics
Liberal Arts

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