About Us

NA Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. is an operating education consultancy firm from Pakistan


Our sub-offices are located across Pakist we are providing admirable educational services and consultancy. Furthermore, to enhance the pran. Thereofessional careers of thousands of students by helping them select foreign professions.Especially for the future of Pakistan’s youth, we’ve approached highly ranked private/government schools and colleges all over the world.

Additionally, Our dedication to providing quality services made us more trustworthy among parents and students. We’ve attained a 99.9% success rate by introducing the software for admission in different foreign universities. Moreover, for females and getting their admissions easily without any side placement.

Two of our sub-offices are providing the facility of TOEFL testing centers approved by ETSThe US. These testing centers are all exceptionally and dedicatedly working in English language evaluation also. Another key point a professional and expert team is hired to serve pupils in getting their admissions to foreign professions. Every advisor assists professionally and academically in the whole procedure. Further Starting from writing an application to the institution, deciding which course to opt, to visa guidance. NA Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd. is playing a vital role by working as a liaison between our market and international colleges/universities.

Philosophy Behind NA Consultancy

As a matter of fact, Perfect planning is utilized to offer remarkable services in providing the most useful information.Furthermore, life experience to students guarantees foreign schools and colleges’ instructions globally at a meager cost, which ensures.


“To give professional unbiased and possible solutions to the students expecting studies in abroad. Additionally giving the most useful information in helping pupils and their parents at the fulfillment of their objective.”


“To put students at the right place in international universities and colleges across the globe. So they can experience and explore new pathways. 

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