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Glasgow Caledonian University (GCUtegrating a range of diverse disciplines. We specialize in
the creation of niche programs, focusing on particular employability skills bespoke to the needs
of a variety of industry sectors.<br><br>
The delivery of traditional design and make skills alongside cutting-edge technology, and linking
with custom-built management progra
) is a multi-cultural university located in the center of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. GCU’s
community of 20,000 students from over 100 countries enjoys a wide range of state-of-the-art
facilities, comprising the award-winning Saltire Centre, a collaborative library with specialist
subject librarians.<br><br>
GCU has links and partnerships with several professional organizations, multinational companies
and the public sector, to help students secure the best occasions for placements and internships.<br><br>
This experience and the career-focused programs on offer equip students with the skills and
knowledge to succeed in their chosen profession; this is demonstrated by GCU’s employment
rate of 95% (DLHE, 2015).<br><br>
Positioned as the University for the Common Good, GCU has a distinct and defining mission to
deliver social benefit at home and overseas through education, research and social innovation. <br><br>
The Chancellor is Nobel Peace Prize Winner and global anti-poverty campaigner Professor
Muhammad Younus.<br><br>
GCU is made up of four significant academic schools, which are sector leading in many
specialized areas of study:


  • The School of Engineering and Built Environment
  • The Glasgow School for Business and Society
  • The School of Health and Life Sciences
  • The School for Work-based Education

GCU London (a professional postgraduate campus located in Spiral fields, London, which hosts
regular master classes and networking sessions with industry leaders).
GCU has campuses in Glasgow, and London, where it is home to the British School of Fashion,
supported by leading academics and honorary professors, some of whom lead global fashion
brands. <br><br>It was also the first university in the UK to open a campus in New York

Departments of Glasgow Caledonian University

  1. Postgraduate

    • MSc International Tourism Management
    • MSc Social Business and Microfinance
    • MSc International Marketing
    • MSc/PHD International Project Management (Part Time)
    • MSc International Project Management – Oil & Gas
    • MSc Clinical Microbiology
    • MSc Public Health (online)
    • MSc/PhD Quantity Surveying (Distance Learning)
    • MSc International Fashion Marketing
    • MSc International Banking, Finance and Risk Management
    • MSc Bio molecular and Biomedical Sciences
    • MSc/PHD Construction Management
    • Graduate Diploma Psychology (Conversion)
    • MSc International Human Resource Management
    • MSc Energy and Environmental Management – Waste
    • MSc Maintenance Management – Oil & Gas
    • MSc Network Security
    • PHD Advanced Practice in District Nursing
    • MSc Risk Management
    • MSc Physiotherapy
    • MSc Information Technology
    • MSc Medical Ultrasound (Part Time)
    • MSc Human Resource Management (NAM) (Part Time)
    • MSc International Human Resource Management (NAM) (Part Time)
    • MSc Diabetes Care and Management
    • MSc International Business Management
    • MSc Risk Management (Distance Learning)
    • MSc/PHD Construction Management (Part Time)
    • MSc Occupational Therapy (pre-registration)
    • MSc/PHD Network Security (Part Time)
    • MSc Nursing Studies Adult (Pre reg)
    • MSc International Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • MSc Pharmacology
    • MA/PhD 3D Design for Virtual Environments (Part Time)
    • MSc Accounting and Finance Fast-track
    • MSc Social Work (Professional Qualification Route)
    • MSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    • MSc Advanced Internetwork Engineering
    • MSc Theory of Podiatric Surgery
    • MSc Telecommunications Engineering
    • Glasgow School for Business and Society
    • MSc/PHD International Project Management
    • MA Television Fiction Writing (Part Time)
    • MSc/PHD Maintenance Management (Part Time)
    • MSc Energy and Environmental Management – Oil & Gas
    • MSc/PHD Energy & Environmental Management (Waste) Part Time
    • MSc Public Health
    • MSc International Economics and Finance
    • MSc Diagnostic Imaging
    • MSc/PhD Quantity Surveying (Part Time)
    • MSc/PHD Quantity Surveying
    • MSc Telecommunications Engineering (Part Time)
    • MSc Big Data Technologies
    • MSc Climate Justice (Part Time)
    • MSc Digital Health
    • MSc Water Resource Engineering and Management (Part Time)
    • MA Television Fiction Writing
    • MA Creative & Cultural Business
    • MSc Accounting and Finance
    • MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Part Time)
    • MSc Nursing: Advancing professional Practice
    • MA/PhD 3D Design for Virtual Environments
    • MSc Clinical Ophthalmology and Vision Research
    • MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration)
    • MSc/PHD Mechanical Engineering with Options in Design or Manufacture (Part Time)
    • MSc Maintenance Management
    • MSc International Events Management
    • School of Health and Life Sciences
    • MSc Risk Management (Part Time)
    • MSc/PHD International Project Management (Distance Learning)
    • MSc International Tourism Management (Pt)
    • MSc Life Sciences (Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Psychology)
    • MSc Clinical Nutrition and Health
    • MSc International Project Management (Oil and Gas) January (Part Time)
    • MSc Energy & Environmental Management (Oil and Gas) Part Time- January
    • MSc Building Services Engineering
    • MSc/PHD Network Security
    • MSc/PHD Information Technology (Part Time)
    • MSc/PHD Energy & Environmental Management
    • MSc/PHD Advanced Computer Networking (Part Time)
    • MSc Human Resource Management
    • MSc Climate Justice
    • MSc/PHD Applied Instrumentation & Control (Distance Learning)
    • MSc Management
    • MSc Information Technology – Oil & Gas
    • MSc Applied Instrumentation and Control
    • MSc Water Resource Engineering & Management
    • MSc/PHD Building Services Engineering (Part Time)
    • MSc Forensic Psychology
    • MSc Health and Social Care
    • MA Multimedia Journalism
    • MSc/PHD Energy & Environmental Management (Part Time)
    • MSc Mechanical Engineering (options in Design or Manufacture)
    • MSc Advanced Computer Networking
    • PHD Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
    • MSc Biomedical Science (Pt)
    • PhD Education in Health and Social Care (Teaching qualification)
    • MSc Food Bioscience
    • MSc Big Data Technologies (Part Time)
    • PHD Dietetics (pre-registration)
    • School of Engineering and Built Environment
  2. Undergraduate

    Under grad Content

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