University of Widener


Widener University offers a combination of high academic quality and successful career
preparation. As a premier metropolitan university with a total student population of 6,224,
Widener offers the resources of a large research institution within the context of a small
academic community. Our beautifully landscaped campus is located just south of Philadelphia. It
boasts a dynamic atmosphere for exploration of business, technology, history, arts, and
entertainment. With an ever-changing global environment, Widener is motivated to work with
Study Group to help prepare students for this modern world where business is no longer
conducted within our community, but rather the world. This endeavor challenges both
international and domestic students to seek partnerships in life and business worldwide. Because
of this association, Widener students will be better prepared for the global job marketplace of the
21st century.

Schools & Colleges of University of Widener

Schools & Colleges
School of Business Administration
School of Engineering
Center for Hospitality Management
College of Arts & Sciences

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