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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) evaluates the English language proficiency of individuals who wish to work or study in foreign states where English is a formal medium of exchange and communication. Moreover, conducted in more than 900 distinct areas across borders. The evaluation frequency of 4 days in a month. Additionally, It is geared towards analyzing individuals listening, reading, writing and speaking skills and English vocabulary. International English Language Testing System IELTS test takers may select from two variants of this exam Academic or General Training depending upon their own specific and professional goals, or visa conditions. However, IELTS Academic is accepted for a degree from foreign nations and IELTS Academic (UKVI) is designed for higher studies from Great Britain. Moreover, IELTS is chosen to visit a country to fulfil the trip, work or immigration goal, at which the English language can be employed as a formal speech.

Exam Registration

Adhere to the below mentioned basic measures to enrol for this exam. Can visit nearest NA Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd office to select the evaluation location and find other important information regarding evaluation.

Decide on an Evaluation: You should discuss Language proficiency evaluation with NA Counselor before accepting it as it varies from nation to nation and university to university. Further, even in English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS, an individual needs to be very clear about which module to choose. However Highly experienced NA Counselors can manage these kind of inquiries. Moreover providing the most useful advice.

Sign up for your evaluation

NA Counselors can help you enrol for NA Counselors to help you enrol for the exam through British Council or even AEO. Locate a local NA Consultants workplace for enrolling International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Make Evaluation Payment

NA Counselors may even help you by directing how to

finance the exam payment.

Get Ready for evaluation

This Is your ideal decision to go for the test preparation by utilizing NA Consultants‘ professional services (Pvt.) Ltd. We conduct professional training sessions for pupils, on accepting IELTS exam, for better studies and work in states where the official language is English. We provide in-person awareness to students in a round of 10 to 15 students to get equal care and guidance from the teacher. Moreover, our educator’s tutoring follows the supply of authentic exam environment for their students to organize them during mock evaluations. NA Consultants test prep centres are inbuilt with trained educators and equipment to help out with conducting mock evaluations. 

Take the evaluation: 

The evaluation day, proceed with full confidence to take it.

Evaluation Centers at Pakistan 

British Council and also AEO offer different testing centres in Pakistan.

Evaluation score interpretation

Scores for International English Language Testing System (IELTS). evaluation change from inch (Non-User) into 9 (Professional User). Additionally, Candidates receive scores for each evaluation element of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Moreover, IELTS scoring process is stable. Benchmarked and known worldwide.

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